Packaging Accessories

At Treo Electronics, we offer advanced solutions for money packaging and management, meeting high-quality standards and international norms. Our assortment includes specialized paper for coin wrapping, rolls for coins and banknotes, wrappers and tubes for coins, as well as vacuum bags and PE film rolls. To secure and protect your money, we provide modern counterfeit detectors that ensure reliable verification of banknotes, ideal for use at points of sale and official premises. Our coin and banknote counting machines are equipped with advanced features for precise and secure money management. We also offer security bags, reusable bags, adhesive seals, and indicator seals to prevent tampering, all customizable to meet specific client requirements. Our products include machines for counting and detecting banknotes and coins, banknote detectors, banding machines for wrapping money, banknote wrappers, bag tags, security seals for containers, bags for transporting money and coins, secure pouches, and vacuum bags.